The report says that until the early onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Irish economy remained broadly competitive but with some areas in which improvements were needed

Irish businesses are facing into a period of “extreme stress” due to the continued fallout from the coronavirus crisis and Brexit, the National Compet(...)

David Davis, the UK Brexit secretary who told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that last week’s deal on the Border was more “a statement of intent” than a legally binding treaty. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA

Divorce talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union can move on to phase two after EU leaders yesterday judged that “sufficient progress” (...)

The council said Brexit represents the foremost downside economic risk for Ireland with far-reaching implications for Irish competitiveness across a range of policy areas

The Irish economy is at a critical juncture and steps must be taken to improve the country’s competitiveness given the wide number of external threats(...)

IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan:  currently in India meeting with clients

Brexit or no Brexit, the flow of new jobs into Ireland remains constant. IDA Ireland closed out an incredibly successful week, announcing investments(...)

Michael Noonan: no tears shed for him in Europe over GDP figures bill

The fall-out from those astronomical GDP figures continued this week, and there are bound to have been some wry smiles in international circles as the(...)

Childcare costs in Ireland are among the highest in the world and the issue is a “pressing concern” as it may damage our competitiveness, the State’s (...)

The NCC said a long-term approach needs to be taken to ensure a sustainable housing market

The lack of affordable housing is impacting on Ireland’s competitiveness and could affect the country’s ability to attract investment, a leading advis(...)

Profit at Tynagh Energy, the multinational-backed power generator that is receiving a €66 million subsidy from electricity consumers, soared to €40 m(...)