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Delonte West: suffered with  bipolar disorder that eventually cost him his NBA career. Photograph: Michael Mulvey/Washington Post/Getty Images

During LeBron James’s first stint as a Cleveland Cavalier, Delonte West was often one of the better members of his supporting cast. Once James left (...)

 Lonzo Ball (right) is expected to be a top three pick in this summer’s NBA draft unless clubs are scared off by his father’s antics. Photograph:  Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As he worked on his shooting before the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Chicago Bulls last Thursday, LeBron James did a rather strange thing. Instead (...)

 Stephen Curry in action for Golden State Warriors. Photograph: EPA

Lionel Messi’s storming assault on what is possible with a football has drawn many comparisons to what Steph Curry is right now doing in the world of (...)

Gregg Popovich was one of the first NBA coaches to start seriously trawling overseas for talent, the constant influx of under-rated international players has helped Spurs to a quintet of titles. Photograph: Paul Buck/Epa.

Every profile of Gregg Popovich seems to begin or end with a profound quote that hangs in the San Antonio Spurs’ locker-room. Specifically chosen by t(...)