A lot has changed since Brad Bird gave us The Incredibles in 2004. Acknowledging changes in the present, the new film nods grimly towards an authorita(...)

Theo Lynn and Philip Healy of Cork-based company Rendicity: launched their image-rendering service in August

It took 29 hours per frame to turn the Sully character from Monsters University into the image viewers saw of him on screen. This process of convertin(...)

Thor blimey: Marvel is doing mighty box office business for Disney

It’s never a surprise to discover who the biggest winners at the box office are – the studios, dummy. But with Warner Bros fresh out of Batman and (...)

Along with the tape, Pixar sent a drawing of Mike and Sulley, surrounded by rolls of film, to Ken Loach. Photograph: Pixar

British director Ken Loach’s appeal for old-school editing tape has been answered in the unlikeliest of quarters after a response from the cutting-edg(...)

Sony Pictures Animation has a distribution deal with Aardman Animation, an arrangement that has, thus far, yielded The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and t(...)

Sigh. If anyone tells you that the internet is changing how movies are sold and received, try to remain calm, back away slowly and call in the crazy p(...)

Monsters University

When spherical green monster Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) meets professional child scarer Frank McCay on a school tour of the Monsters Inc factory, t(...)