Ms Justice Mary Irvine, the first woman president of the High Court, will retire in July.  Photograph: Tom Honan

Mary Irvine, who retires in July as the first woman president of the High Court, endured a baptism of fire, steering the court through Covid-19, fast-(...)

It is argued that the value of claims has been reduced significantly by the guidelines.

New guidelines slashing awards for minor personal injuries are hurting low-income workers and giving a “green light” to exploitative employers, accord(...)

The case in the High Court has been listed for six days.

The law requiring judges to prepare new guidelines on personal injury damages does not say minor injury awards should be cut by more than 40 per cent (...)

Woman disputes the Personal Injuries Assessment Board’s (PIAB) assessment of her injury

A lead challenge by a Co Waterford woman over the constitutionality of new guidelines slashing awards for minor personal injuries opens today at the H(...)

A lead case has been selected, the outcome of which has potentially huge implications for the State and the Judicial Council.

New guidelines slashing awards for mainly minor personal injuries are in the public interest, the State will argue in opposing a full-frontal legal at(...)

An X-ray image of a fractured wrist. The guidelines on personal injury awards were welcomed by the insurance industry, although some campaigners for lower awards maintained they did not go far enough. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Senior judges are facing a major dilemma caused by a rising number of constitutional challenges to judge-approved guidelines slashing damages awards f(...)

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said she believed the “correct balance” had been struck between combating high insurance costs and safeguarding both injured parties and those who need to defend claims. File photograph: iStock

The Cabinet has approved the introduction of new personal injury guidelines designed to tackle high insurance claims. The move will mean amending the(...)

The guidelines are expected to impact most on High Court personal injuries litigation, where awards and legal costs are highest, but the fact they set clear brackets for specific injuries should lead to more settlements and less litigation in all courts. Photograph: Getty Images

“When lawyers say the cuts are ‘savage’, and business and insurance reform campaigners say they don’t go far enough, the cuts might be just about righ(...)

The expectation is the guidelines will lead to more consistent and significantly reduced awards, especially for minor and soft tissue injuries; to more, and earlier, settlements of cases and will discourage bringing certain cases before the High Court where higher legal costs apply. Photograph: iStock

Judges have voted to adopt new guidelines aimed at reducing general damages awards for some personal injuries, particularly minor injuries, and ensuri(...)

If judges were putting pressure on a colleague to resign it would raise questions about judicial independence, according to a legal academic who spec(...)

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