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“When it works it is the best thing in the world.” Above, Marie, Brian and Padraig (8) O’Callaghan

Louise Brown, the first in vitro fertilisation (IVF) baby, was born 40 years ago today at Oldham General Hospital in England. Known at the time as th(...)

Isabel Hayes with her baby when he was then 13-months-old

There’s a photo on my noticeboard that gives me a pang whenever I see it. It’s an ordinary photo of an ordinary moment, in which I’m standing in my ki(...)

Since 1978, more than 6 million babies have been born through IVF across the world and over 2 per cent of European births are now through IVF. Photograph: iStock

It is “critical” that fertility treatment be publicly funded and legally regulated here, a pioneer in the field has warned. Professor Simon Fishel, f(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

Recently I attended a “summit meeting” in Washington to discuss means of improving access to fertility treatment globally for those who need it. Dele(...)

 Cambridge physiologist Dr Robert Edwards pictured holding the world's first test tube baby Louise Joy Brown at Oldham General Hospital, Lancashire. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

Nobel prize-winning IVF pioneer Professor Sir Robert Edwards has died, aged 87. Prof Edwards was one of two fertility experts whose work (...)