The pilot was carried out during the summer in 68 pharmacies throughout the Republic.

Irish pharmacies have called for the roll-out of a HSE-funded cardiovascular health check service in communities across the State. A national roll ou(...)

Volunteering can have a number of personal and professional benefits

We all love a random act of kindness. It makes everyone, whether giver or beneficiary, feel good – and, if caught on smartphone, might earn sever(...)

Tomas and Marie McKeon do their best to keep their children – Bronagh (4), Feilim (2), Tomas (6), and Clodagh (8) – eating healthily. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“Mum, nobody wants to come on a playdate here because you’re too healthy.” Even as a passionate believer in encouraging children to love healthy food,(...)

Amarin chief executive John Thero: detailed results for fish-oil drug Vascepa confirm initial figures for its success

Amarin, a one-drug Irish company, will discover the market’s verdict on its prospects Monday after presenting detailed data on a very successful clini(...)

Irish Heart Foundation chief executive Tim Collins, parent advocate Siobhan Donohue and keynote speaker Dan Parker at the charity’s launch event on Wednesday. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

More than seven out of 10 adults in Ireland support a blanket ban on the advertising of unhealthy food and drink products to children, research for th(...)

Elizabeth O’Kelly: “She was very quiet . . . She would have reminded you of Miss Marple.” Photograph: Alf Harvey

Fr Seán Kelly says that when Elizabeth O’Kelly gave him €12,000 to help fund the painting of the Catholic Church in Stradbally, Co Laois, she insisted(...)

The Irish Heart Foundation and stroke survivors protesting at Beaumont Hospital on Monday, World Stroke Day, over breakdown in essential equipment. Photograph Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

The Irish Heart Foundation and stroke survivors have protested outside Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital on World Stroke Day over what they describe as “an i(...)

A heart attack is often missed in woman as they may not display the classic symptoms. Photograph: Getty Images
Health tip of the week

Cardiovascular disease – mainly heart attack and stroke – is one of the greatest health threats to women in Ireland, yet research carried out by the I(...)

Healthy Town

Dr Angie Brown, consultant cardiologist and medical director of the Irish Heart Foundation, says although everyone needs to look after their(...)

Pro-smokers group Forest Ireland reacted with dismay and said smokers “have been the whipping boys of successive governments for far too long”.

Fuel and alcohol were spared any tax increases in Paschal Dohohoe’s second budget but tobacco was hit hard again as the Minister for Finance confirmed(...)

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