Many Irish people can not name a single symptom of lung cancer, according to new research. Last year, the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC) – a org(...)

Some 30 minutes’ exercise a day is essential for optimum health

What started off as a light look at preventing illness has ended up as a virtual guide to living healthily. So, if you believe your health is your wea(...)

Push: 10% of profits go to charity

It may not be as high-tech as an Apple Watch or a Fitbit Ionic, but the Push Watch has a couple of things going for it. Firstly, as a watch it works w(...)

Ger Brennan, managing director for human health at MSD Ireland: “Surgical treatment is not changing but we have seen major changes in new innovative medicines.”

Cancer is the second-biggest killer in Ireland, according to the Irish Cancer Society. It accounts for about 30 per cent of deaths every year; heart d(...)

RTÉ group commercial director Willie O’Reilly is to leave the broadcaster

RTÉ group commercial director Willie O’Reilly is to leave the broadcaster at the end of the year. Mr O’Reilly (62) said he was not seeking another ex(...)

Niamh Holmes from Dundalk. What looked like an insect bite on her leg turned into something very sinister.

Cancer’s prevalence means almost everyone will be affected by the disease at some time. However, relatively few have heard of sarcoma – a cancer which(...)

Dublin City Council headquarters at Wood Quay, Dublin.   Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Dublin City Council has been ordered to pay €25,000 to a fatigued breast cancer survivor after it refused to allow her work from home three days a wee(...)

In 2014, there was an 86 per cent take up of the HPV vaccination in Ireland among eligible schoolgirls in Ireland. Last year, just half of those elig(...)

Take-up of the HPV vaccine has fallen from 86 per cent in 2014 to 50 per cent last year. Photograph: iStock

In secondary schools across the country, HPV vaccinations have been taking place for girls in first year. What started out as a success story in 2010(...)

Members of EL C, Ian McConnell, Gordon Kerr and Iain Macdonald, who have released ‘Don’t Cry for Christmas’ in aid of cancer research.

Three musicians, including a man who has lost two wives to cancer, have put their band back together after more than 40 years to record a charity song(...)

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