Julie Sweeney pictured with her son, Connor, who has been diagnosed with DLD. Photograph: Daragh Mac Sweeney/Provision

It has been described as “the most common childhood disorder you’ve probably never heard of”. Yet, with an estimated two children in every classroom o(...)

The paucity of clinical trials means patients requiring access to experimental drugs and therapies not available to the public often seek out those trials in locations overseas. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Thousands of patients from all over the State will gain faster access to new drugs and treatments under a €5.3 million plan to fund clinical trials at(...)

Anna Markella Antoniadi’s project has focused on patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ‘It has been quite rewarding to see everything fitting together.’

What inspired your interest in using machine learning in healthcare? I studied computer science as an undergraduate in Athens, where I grew up, and I(...)

 A Vietnamese youth inhaling a “funky balloons” filled with nitrous-oxide  at a nightclub in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photograph:  Getty Images

It took less than 48 hours for the package of 10 “cream whipper canisters” to arrive after it was ordered from an Irish website. Each canister contain(...)

Figures show the number of teenage girls aged 12-18 discharged from hospital with a principal diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia rose to 188 in 2020. Photograph: iStock

Covid-19 has been a “perfect storm” for eating disorders among teenagers, with the Health Service Executive having seen a surge in the number of peop(...)

Cocaine: ‘Gone are the days of paying €80 for a gramme. You pay €40 or €50, max, these days.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty

Ireland has the third-highest rate of cocaine use in Europe, and there is growing concern about the long-term consequences of unprecedented le(...)

Marina Zaki: ‘The idea of a biobank is to store tissue from biopsies and blood samples and other useful clinical data – all with the patient’s consent – so they can be used for future research.’

You manage a biobank for Barrett’s oesophagus, what does that mean? The oesophagus is the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach, and Barrett’(...)

Dr Stephanie Bollard with her dog Cali and colleagues at UCD Veterinary Hospital, from left,  Dr Sarah Higginbotham, Jane Howard, Dr Pamela Kelly  and Prof Amanda McCann Photograph: Vincent Hoban, UCD

In your research, you are comparing skin cancer in humans and dogs, why? Let me start by saying that no puppies or dogs are harmed by this study, and,(...)

In 2014, 84 people entered drug treatment for crack cocaine use. Last year that figure had increased to 414. Photograph: iStock

The number of people entering treatment for crack cocaine use has increased by 400 per cent in the past six years, according to the latest figures fro(...)

‘There has been complete inertia in Ireland about regulation in general.’ Photograph: Getty

Irish gamblers lost about €1.36 billion last year – averaging about €300 for every adult, making the Irish the fourth-biggest gamblers in the European(...)

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