Annie Besant filled halls across Britain as one of the National Secular Society’s most effective public speakers, and worked as a journalist for the National Reformer.

In 1874, Annie Besant left her controlling husband and reinvented herself as one of Victorian Britain’s leading activists. Fifteen years later, she re(...)

A demonstrator holds a pro-Brexit sign and a US flag, as the speech by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is interrupted. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Reuters

A group of protesters backing US president Donald Trump and Brexit have disrupted a speech by the London mayor Sadiq Khan. Mr Kahn’s address on gende(...)

British Labour  leader Jeremy Corbyn, described by one of his party MPs  as being “like the accelerator on a bus that’s going over a cliff”. Photograph:Toby Melville/Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt at a new year relaunch this week was, like most of his initiatives, widely ridiculed in the press and greeted with contemptuo(...)

Brexit referendum: Remainers  need not stand up the prediction of a post-Brexit meltdown, only the noticeable and sustained dip in prosperity that most economists expect. Photograph: Thinkstock

Barack Obama’s speeches trace a picture of the world as it could be if only people had the vision and moral depth of, for instance, Obama. This week, (...)