high angle view asian chinese woman’s hand on mobile app covid 19 mobile app tracker on latest update and check in status during breakfast time

At the start of the pandemic, Covid contact tracing apps were one of the most heavily hyped digital tools advanced for tech-ing our way out of an emer(...)

Some app makers say they plan to use invasive tracking techniques. Photograpj: Lionel Bonaventure/Afp  via Getty Images

App developers are exploring surreptitious new forms of user tracking to evade Apple’s new privacy rules, which threaten to upend the mobile advertisi(...)

We are truly living in an age of mass surveillance and while stepping out with your smartphone it might be of benefit to use a Faraday cover like those sold by Silent Pocket.

It turns out that Incognito mode on Google’s web browser is anything but. As a recent $5 billion (€4.5 billion) lawsuit against Google shows, the ave(...)

If you feel like a past web search or purchase is following you around the web in the form of ads popping up everywhere from Facebook to your favourite news sites, this is because they are thanks to these trackers. Photograph: Getty

Let 2020 be the year you reclaim your online privacy. Stop third party advertisers dead in their tracks as they attempt to follow your every move onli(...)

Mark Surman of the Mozilla Foundation says  it is important that significant parts of the internet ‘remain dedicated to the public interest’

The key difference between .com and .org domains is that dot orgs are managed by the Public Interest Registry and are geared towards non-profits. Howe(...)

It remains to be seen what the ruling by US district court judge Denise Casper  will mean in reality

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says an historic opinion on digital privacy at US borders has been issued. Last week a federal judge ruled that “su(...)

An Adversarial Fashion dress, modelled by its designer, Kate Rose. Photograph: Kate Rose

Automatic licence-plate readers, which use networked surveillance cameras and simple image recognition to track the movements of cars around a city, m(...)

Pegasus spyware can be uploaded via WhatsApp  hack and can spy on calls and chats, and remotely control the device’s microphone and camera. Photograph: Reuters/Dado Ruvic/File

Users of Facebook’s communications app WhatsApp were advised this week to update their software, following the discovery that a previously unknown wea(...)

A live demonstration uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Experts believe it is already too late to restrict the movement of face data across geographic borders. Photograph: David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

When Jillian York, a 36-year-old American activist, was on vacation in February, she received an unexpected text. Her friend Adam Harvey, another acti(...)

Article 13, a proposed amendment to EU copyright law, has split opinions

Article 13, a proposed amendment to EU copyright law, has been described as both a protective measure for artists and a tool for corporate control. An(...)

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