Executives hold very different perspectives on the characteristics required for an individual to be identified or classified as being of greater value than the majority of their peers. Photograph: iStock

As we edge closer towards the end of the year, many companies will be starting to conduct reviews and appraisals that are normally tied to rewarding h(...)

The Dow Jones ticker in Times Square, New York, displaying news about Lehman Brothers on September 10th, 2008. The bank failed because it prioritised short-term gain over the necessity to develop a future-proofed strategy. Photograph: Bloomberg News

In the weeks and months ahead we will undoubtedly hear corporate management teams blame Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown for their company’s poor (...)

Organisational leaders will need to be cognisant that some staff may have had to coax a toddler from their knee before joining a meeting via video conference. Photograph: iStock

For much of the last few weeks, businesses owners across Ireland have faced unprecedented challenges as they attempt to grapple with the financial and(...)

Outsourcing is an important source of skills and services for many companies. Photograph: iStock

Most companies are faced with the competing challenges of being innovative while also remaining competitive. Cost reduction measures often result in c(...)

The sizeable fees are a deterrent to many and it can put the course out of reach but there are ways and means to fund an MBA. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty

Deciding to opt for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) might be a costly decision, but it can be an investment that pays off several times ove(...)

 Prof Patrick O’Shea, UCC president and president of the Irish Universities Association. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

University College Cork graduates and postgraduates are finding employment at rates of over 90 per cent while the university itself is employing 15,00(...)

Photograph: Marc Gutierrez/FRF/Getty

Recruitment seems easy enough. You post an opening on a jobs site, in flood the interested candidates and you select the best person. The reality is(...)

Dr Joan Buckley,  a senior lecturer   at UCC,  leaving the Four Courts today after she was refused injunctions pending the outcome of her High Court challenge to a decision not to shortlist her in a competition for 10 professorial positions. Photograph: Courts Collins

A senior lecturer at University College Cork has been refused injunctions pending the outcome of her High Court challenge to a decision not to shortli(...)