Moves to ban forcing people to retire before the State pension age will be welcomed by unions, but resisted by employers. Photograph: Tom Honan

The guts of 100 years ago, minister for finance Ernest Blythe endured the wrath of the electorate when he cut a shilling from the old-age pension. For(...)

 Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald. Sinn Féin’s longstanding opposition to the Local Property Tax  is muddled and out-of-kilter with its wider political agenda.

Language is everything in politics. Notice how Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald refers to the local property tax (LPT) as a “tax on the family home”(...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe: Many view the  pandemic unemployment payment as an attempt to bridge the gap between the current welfare system and a more contributions-based one. Photograph:  Kyran O’Brien

The Government’s new Commission on Taxation and Welfare will examine the possibility of moving to a more European-style social insurance model where u(...)

While there is a consensus that the tax base needs to be broadened, there is little agreement on how this should be done. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

It’s edifying to think that a wealth tax or a solidarity tax on the super-rich could raise revenue for investment in public services. But it won’t. A (...)

In its review, the IMF said the Government needed to raise more taxes to invest in education, training and affordable housing and childcare once recovery from the pandemic has taken hold.

The introduction of a minimum global corporate tax rate could – in an “extreme scenario” – wipe out half of Ireland’s €11.8 billion corporate tax base(...)

Joe O’Brien said there is a ‘very good chance’ that the rate of consistent poverty went up last year due to the impact of Covid-19. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Green Party Minister Joe O’Brien is pushing Government colleagues for a “one-off solidarity tax” on high earners and firms that were “highly profitabl(...)