Isme says the nature of public service pensions means that a private sector worker, who wants to save for a pension as good as a public servant earning the same salary, would have to save at least half of their earnings throughout their working life. Photograph: iStock

Small business lobby Isme and Brokers Ireland, which represents financial advisers, have called on the Government to increase financial support for pr(...)

Deposit interest retention tax is levied on interest earned on bank and credit union savings at a rate that has varied significantly in recent years. Photograph: iStock

It’s an issue that is often highlighted in the run-up to the budget, but one that continues to frustrate and perplex savers and investors alike; why i(...)

Even today, 13 years on from the financial crash, one in eight mortgage accounts are exhibiting some level of distress. Photograph: Frank Miller

Mortgage debt is one of Ireland’s great hidden problems. Thousands of people are wrestling with their inability to pay back their home loans but, for (...)

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley this week disclosed that a quarter of all those in long-term arrears on their mortgage payments are in their 60s or older. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ireland’s mortgage arrears problem is not going away. If anything, it is becoming more acute – especially for an older cohort of distressed borrowers.(...)

Liberty Insurance said it was important to prepare for hacks, data breaches, and lost devices.

Employees and employers have been told it is “absolutely essential” to review their insurance policies if they are to adopt remote working practices i(...)

The easiest solution could be to contact your solicitor for a copy of your loan offer.

I got my mortgage through a broker 12 years ago (just after prices had started to drop...but not enough in hindsight). The broker has now closed, and (...)

Motor insurers and brokers will be forced to provide more information to consumers renewing their policies under new rules that come into force on Fri(...)

If you are one of the lucky ones with a pension fund worth close to, or in excess of €2 million, you may  wonder if you’re  paying too much into your pension

It’s not going to affect too many people. But if you are one of the lucky ones with a pension fund worth close to, or in excess of €2 million, you may(...)

With fewer than half  of all workers having a workplace or private pension, and concerns over the future viability of the State pension, the need for a supplementary savings is seen as essential. Photograph: iStock

It’s been a long time in coming but is a private pension for all ever actually going to get here? First mooted back in 2006, auto-enrolment, where em(...)