The Killarney fern – Trichomanes speciosum – is a filmy fern of finely cut, translucent tracery. Drawing: Michael Viney

In the great surge of growth that has overtaken the garden, the leaders are old, wild familiars: briars arching from the dark heart of shrubs, nettles(...)

Elinor Vere Wiltshire: May 30th, 1918- January 20th, 2017

Elinor Vere Wiltshire (née OBrien), who died earlier this year, was a talented Limerick-born photographer whose pictures of Dublin in the 1950s and 19(...)

Astrantia ‘Ruby Wedding’ Photograph:   Richard Johnston

It was the famous English plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll who described the June garden as “the time of perfect young summer . . . with as yet no sign to(...)