Protesters wear masks to protect themselves from the contaminated air of a burning landfill, in Ermua, on Saturday, after it collapsed on February 6th.  Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters

Nearly two weeks after a landfill site collapsed in the Basque Country, two men are still missing and local people fear that the accident has triggere(...)

A woman walks past graffiti in favour of imprisoned armed Basque group Eta members in Hernani, Spain. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters

Spanish police and civil guards have frequently had convictions for torturing terrorism suspects wiped from their records, allowing them to rise throu(...)

Young dancers perform at a fiesta in Hernani in the Basque Country. Photograph: Paddy Woodworth
A lost language twin

Debate surrounding the Irish language has recently been bubbling up again on this page. It is heartening, however, to remember that we are not (...)