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That the XC90 would be the first of an entire new breed of Volvo, we already knew coming in. A new chassis (flexible enough to be used under all Vol(...)

Eamon Crosbie’s Discovery 55 Pamela has returned to port in Gran Canaria. Photograph: David O’Brien

A new wave of Irish offshore sailing campaigns went on show in Dublin this week when four separate round-the-world campaigns set out their next ocean-(...)

Annalise Murphy and her crew onboard Turn the Tide on Plastic arrive into Cape Town. Photo: Pedro Martinez/Volvo Ocean Race

A shade under three weeks since starting Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race from Lisbon and it’s done and I now have 10,000 nautical miles of ocean racing (...)

Armalou sold 1,167 Land Rovers in the Republic last year. Photograph: Reuters

The company behind the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in Ireland has recorded a sharp increase in turnover as it “benefited from the recovery in the mar(...)

Another week and another premium brand’s baby SUV takes to the road. Car firms are going crazy for crossovers these days, due largely to unmet consume(...)

The Jaguar E-Pace: Less stylised than the Evoque, it’s a chunky-looking, high-set hatchback

The big cat has had a cub, thanks to some cross-breeding with its Land Rover cousins. Such incestuous cross-breeding can often lead to freakish abnorm(...)

Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive: “The automotive industry is being disrupted by technology, and Volvo Cars chooses to be an active part of that disruption.”

Uber, the ride-hailing-and-sharing service, has linked up with Volvo for a supply of cars with autonomous capabilities. Volvo is expected to sell up t(...)

Terrafugia started out  with a vision  of transportation with practical flying cars

Have we just moved a step closer to a flying Volvo? That is the tantalising possibility brought about by the announcement that Chinese car making gian(...)

Damian Foxall of Vestas 11th Hour Racing  arriving in Lisbon after the first leg of  the Volvo Ocean Race. Photograph:  Jesus Renedo

In one of several signs of things to come, Ireland’s Damian Foxall is not currently racing in the Volvo Ocean Race second leg that is preparing to cro(...)

Volvo XC60  T8 version

They say that diesel is dead. At least that’s the advertising message from one leading car firm these days. Well in the near future the same could pot(...)

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