If Ireland was to bring its employment rate for workers aged over 55 in line with Sweden, the resulting long-term GDP boost could be as much as  5.4 per cent, PwC said.

Ireland’s long-term GDP could be boosted by around €15 billion if the employment rate for workers over 55 increased substantially, according to a new (...)

The Ireland Chapter of the Project Management Institute has experienced a 20 per cent growth in membership over the last 12 months to a current total of 1,300.
Planning for better performance

The Ireland Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has never been in ruder health, according (...)

The Government’s response to higher life expectancy has been to push the pension age out first to 66 and progressively to 67 in 2021 and 68 in in 2028.

Up until relatively recently Ireland was in line with much of Europe in having a state pension age of 65. This uniformity of approach has nothing to d(...)

Pay into a non-pension investment scheme and you will pay tax, pay exit tax and dirt tax

Anyone considering the relative merits and demerits of pensions vis-à-vis other investment vehicles will find it a surprisingly short exercise. Quite (...)

‘I hope we grasp that opportunity and don’t listen excessively to the vested interests of employers or unions’

The pensions sector has already undergone enormous change in recent years. The only prediction that can be made with absolute accuracy is that more is(...)

People should be allowed to buy a Porsche if they want and shouldn’t be forced to buy a Lada

In July 2016, the Pensions Authority issued a consultation document which set out a package of proposals aimed at reforming and simplifying supplement(...)

AP McCoy will talk to Paddy Power at the One-Zero 2017 conference on Tuesday. Photograph: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

Monday, October 16th Results: Kuehne and Nagel, Netflix. Indicators: Irish goods exports and imports (Aug); Euro zone balance of trade (Aug). Tuesd(...)

Eric McDowell: he joined the Bletchley Park establishment straight from school, and was part of the Japanese Emperor Codes cryptology department

Eric McDowell, who has died at at the age of 92, was involved in many facets of life in Northern Ireland, both business and private. However, a signif(...)

Minister for Finance and Minister for Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe’s budget offered few surprises, which was perhaps a surprise in itself

Budget 2018 spread the jam thinly. The winners are middle-income earners, writes Eoin Burke-Kennedy. The losers are sun-bed loving smokers with a tast(...)

Apple is amongst the multinationals believed to have moved intellectual property to Ireland over the past couple of years. Such moves were a key factor behind the huge jump in Irish GDP in 2015.

The Government is to raise more money in the short term from the multinational sector by limiting the use of a key tax allowance related to the transf(...)