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Patrick Freyne: ‘I hoped that the Lincoln Lawyer would be a lawyer who dresses like Abraham Lincoln (I didn’t know a Lincoln was a type of car) but I see now that that would be overkill.’

Modern day television characters have too many dimensions and too many secret sorrows and not enough episodic adventures. When I was a boy, television(...)

Our test car is the 63kWh version, with a 217hp electric motor, driving the front wheels.

It feels odd, very odd, to be driving an electric car on a race track. Race tracks are all about hard acceleration, enthusiastic cornering, and leavin(...)

Japan’s Honda Motor on Friday forecast a 7 per cent fall in annual earnings, instead of an expected rise. Photograph: Franck Robichon/EPA

Japan’s Honda Motor on Friday forecast a 7 per cent fall in annual earnings, instead of an expected rise, and warned that the long chip crunch and ris(...)

According to the SEAI, there are five key things that are holding consumers back from buying electric. Photograph: iStock

Can you really save the guts of €4,000 in one year by switching to an electric car? That’s the claim being made by UK finance website, whi(...)

Welder Ostap Datsenko prepares donated used cars for the Ukrainian military in his workshop in Lviv. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

In a potholed backstreet on the outskirts of Lviv in western Ukraine, Ostap Datsenko’s workshop is cutting, welding and painting around the clock to k(...)

Former Nissan Motor Chariman Carlos Ghosn leaves the Tokyo Detention House in Japan. Photograph: Issei Kato

French prosecutors have issued an international arrest warrant for Carlos Ghosn and four people linked to an Omani auto dealer following an investigat(...)

While it might lack for modernity, the MG 5 does have that big-ish 57kWh (useable) battery up its sleeve.

Take a look, for a moment, at the price list for the MG 5 EV on MG’s Irish website. Peruse it carefully enough and you’ll notice that MG defines the 5(...)

EPA has bought eight diesel SUVs and vans since 2016. Photograph: iStock

The State’s environmental watchdog is continuing to buy diesel vehicles six years after vowing to green its overwhelmingly fossil-fuel powered fleet, (...)

Pricing and the grade structure for Ariya in Ireland are not yet finalised.

The fully electric Nissan Ariya will land in Ireland mid-summer after a gestation period that would shame an African elephant. The striking looking E(...)

In the high court in Belfast, bail was refused to a pizza takeaway worker accused of acting as a ‘taxi driver’ in the trafficking operation

A crime gang trafficked more than 40 Syrian migrants into Great Britain via Dublin and Belfast in less than a month, the high court in Belfast heard (...)

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