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HP Sprocket 200’s print quality has improved and it offers sharper pictures.

HP Sprocket 200 (€150) The updated version of HP’s portable photo printer has a few changes. It’s more social for a start, allowing more than one per(...)

Best Made Aluminium Field Box; HP Powerup Backpack; Brunton DWB 1894 Compass

Brunton DWB 1894 Compass DW Brunton, after whom this vintage-style compass is named, started making rugged, portable tools for outdoors survival b(...)

The Dublin company has just completed the deployment of its technology across 850 devices at 289 beds across three new University of California medical centre units

Oneview Healthcare has raised $7 million (€5.6m) from its largely Australian investors as it looks to scale up the rollout of its patient engagement (...)

HP hopes cloud has silver lining

For what probably amounts to a relatively small amount of money, Hewlett-Packard just made a big bet.Last week HP said it had entered an agreement t(...)

 Cisco CEO John Chambers delivers the keynote address during the Cisco Live! conference recently. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Beware the coming “brutal, brutal consolidation” of major technology companies into just a handful of survivors, where many of the best-known names(...)

Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve 2011, one of four software developers at OpenSSL Software Foundation (OSF) instructed his computer to accept a (...)

UCD’s Professor Barry Smyth will lead the new Insight research centre

The establishment of a new national data analytics research centre, Insight, will lead to the creation of 300 new jobs. The centre, which was formally(...)

John Hinshaw, HP’s executive vice president of technology and operations

It has been a week of high drama for computer giant HP, book-ended by board resignations – including the departure of chairman Ray Lane – late last(...)