Tesla opened up its online store and began taking $1,000 (€919) deposits for two of four options unveiled in October: a smooth black glass and textured-glass roof tiles.

Tesla promises that its solar roof tiles, which generates solar energy without the need for traditional rooftop panels, will be pricier than a convent(...)

The cost of Tesla’s roof tiles is about $42 (€39) per square foot

Tesla has begun taking orders for its transformative new solar roof. The pricing is competitive, and it marks the final piece in Elon Musk’s vision fo(...)

Self-drive? Mercedes attempted to clarify the situation, saying there was on-screen text in the advert reminding viewers that the car can’t drive itself completely

Mercedes-Benz has been forced to withdraw an advert in the United States which made too grand a claim for the new E-Class’s self-driving abilities. I(...)

Police in London and San Francisco reported significant drops in iPhone robberies six months after the Find My iPhone feature was introduced in iOS 7. Photograph: Reuters

Easy to sell on, at home or abroad, smartphones are a lucrative target for thieves.Smartphone theft is believed to account for 30 to 40 per cent of al(...)