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The Government recently approved draft legislation to regulate the use of e-scooters on Irish roads

On-demand transportation company Bolt is hoping to create up to 130 jobs through the rollout of electric scooter- and electric bike-sharing services a(...)

Bleeper says it currently has more than 70,000 users. Photograph: Tom Honan/The Irish Times

Bleeper has raised close to €600,000 from investors as it prepares to roll out electric bikes and scooters on Irish roads. The bike rental operator h(...)

Tier is among a number of e-scooter rental companies keen to launch services here.

A number of international electric scooter rental companies are seeking to launch services in the Republic once legislation to permit the use of them (...)

Paris’ mayor promises to crack down on scooters but Germany has legalised them.

Almost half of the electric scooter companies in Paris have suspended or scaled back operations in the past week, after the French capital’s mayor vow(...)

T&E points out that “the advertising budget for  electric cars in Norway, where more than one in three new cars sold are now electric, is much higher than elsewhere. BMW spends 24 per cent of its budget on promoting BEVs in Norway, and Daimler spends 14 per cent for its BEVs.”

A decade ago, we were promised that by 2020, 10 per cent of all cars sold in Ireland would be electric cars, and that the days of burning dead dinosau(...)