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Dr Gillian Hendy (left) of Avectas, the Irish cell engineering company, meets Emily Whitehead, who, as a seven-year-old, was the first child patient w(...)

Natural killer cells are immune cells that have granules with enzymes that can kill tumour cells or cells infected with viruses.

A revolutionary treatment in cancer treatment will see immune cells injected into patients. Already there are five approved therapies that take T cel(...)

IVCA chairwoman Gillian Buckley said the fall in first-time funding rounds was a major concern but was understandable.

Start-ups struggled for funding in the second quarter of the year as venture capital firms prioritised companies already in their portfolios. The Iri(...)

Drug delivery business Avectas has licensed a therapy from Galway-based ONK Therapeutics that targets what are called B-cell malignancies – blood cell cancers such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (above)

Two cutting edge Irish pharmaceutical companies have announced a deal that they hope will deliver significantly improved treatment for people with cer(...)

Avectas’s technology allows cells to be taken from people, often critically ill, and returned to them after they have been genetically engineered to address their illness.

Serial entrepreneur Séamus Mulligan has led a $20 million (€18.3 million) fundraising in an Irish company that hopes to revolutionise the treatment of(...)

Avectas cofounder and chief executive Dr Michael Maguire, with cofounder Dr Shirley O’Dea, chief scientific officer and business development director Dr Gillian Hendy. Photograph: Iain White/Fennells

Serial entrepreneur Seamus Mulligan has led a $10 million (€12 million) fundraising for an Irish business at the cutting edge of cell therapy. Avect(...)

Adapt Pharma developed a non-injectable form of Naloxone,  which resulted in a $735 million payday for its investors,  including serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur Séamus Mulligan

You’d never say that a $735 million payday was not a landmark occasion but the sale of Adapt Pharma – the maker of the opioid rescue drug Narcan that (...)

Dr Michael Maguire with fellow directors Dr Gillian Hendy and Dr Shirley O’Dea

An Irish company which has developed a transformative new technology for the manufacture of the latest cancer treatments has been awarded €2.1 million(...)