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The Mercedes EQA 250: solid but a little unspectacular

In common with its rivals from Audi and Jaguar, when Mercedes introduced its first all-electric car it swung big in price terms. The EQC, a modified, (...)

The latest survey of Irish-driver attitudes by website Carzone found that 15 per cent of buyers are still holding back from buying an electric car because they worry there are not enough charging points. Photograph: iStock

In purely physical terms, the road network in Ireland probably won’t look too much different by 2030, although there will certainly be a few new roads(...)

What is luxury in a car? It can mean different things to different people. Photograph: iStock

According to Bill Bryson, human evolution has been one long journey to find more luxury. From breaking our backs just to survive as primitive early hu(...)

The Audi mobile charging hub is designed to be mobile and transportable, and can be installed wherever it’s needed.

Audi reckons it has come up with a solution – a partial solution, at any rate – to a lack of public electric vehicle (EV) charging points, and indeed (...)

Ireland has given itself the laudable goal of having one million electric vehicles  on our roads by the end of the decade

Ireland has given itself the laudable goal of having one million electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads by the end of the decade. But is this achievable(...)

Is range anxiety still a concern for most people? Photograph: iStock

Covid-19 has, of course, affected everything in our lives, from work to personal relationships. But has it affected our car purchases? Not just the fa(...)

The Renault Clio E-Tech hybrid

Buying a new car always involves choices. With the move to electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating, there are more factors to consider than ever. Hybrid(...)

BMW’s new all-electric models arriving here in November: the iX SUV and i4 coupé

The BMW electric revolution really kicked off back in 2012, when both the all-electric i3 and the half-electric i8 were shown off and - remarkably - p(...)

The Opel Mokka’s   eye-bleeding green colour is not for everyone  but I guess when you want to draw attention to a major change, discretion isn’t on the cards

Opel’s Mokka in matcha can certainly divide a car park. Having spent last week in the sleek Audi e-Tron GT, I was getting used to people pointing and (...)

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