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Photograph: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

It has been credited with everything from democratising news to helping to overthrow dictators but it appears that the love affair with social media (...)

 Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, at the Department of Finance. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Paschal Donohoe strides into the boardroom of the Department of Finance on Merrion Street in Dublin, apologises for running a little late and asks for(...)

Like many other big companies, Apple had pushed the tax  game too far. What might have appeared to be a clever idea to a tax accountant looked like a flagrant playing of the system when it emerged into the light. Photograph: Getty Images

For years a kind of entente cordiale has existed between the major US multinationals and governments both in the US and internationally. The deal was (...)

Over 70,000 car buyers in the Republic will take delivery of their new cars in the next 12 weeks. For many the final fun of the ordering process is ti(...)

Jo Spain is the guest on this week’s Róisín Meets podcast.

It’s the middle of January and Jo Spain has just overseen the publication of the first of three books she has coming out this year. The crime writer (...)

Apple’s announcement that it would pay $38 billion in taxes to the US and make significant investments in the country is a win for President Donald Trump. Photograph: Aly Song/Reuters

Apple’s announcement that it would pay $38 billion in taxes to the US as it repatriates its cash pile shows the rapid changes now under way in the wor(...)

Apple’s  campus in Cupertino, California. The tech company  built up an offshore cash pile of over $250 billion from profits earned offshore over many years, the bulk of them booked through Irish subsidiaries. Photograph: Jim Wilson/New York Times

Apple is unlikely to get a write-down of its US tax bill to fully reflect any payment made to Ireland, if the European courts dismiss the appeals whic(...)

As well as signalling the repatriation of a massive overseas cash pile, the iPhone maker has said it will invest $30bn on US expansion. Photograph: Getty

Apple’s decision to pay $38 billion in taxes in the US, relating to the repatriation of its overseas tax pile, underlines the international arm-wrestl(...)

 A spokesman for the Department of Finance said:  “As it is and will continue to be an important issue for the State, it will continue to be appropriately resourced.” Photograph: Reuters

The costs involved in fighting the case for Ireland to take up to €15 billion in tax from Apple have now risen above €4.6 million. Legal bills, (...)

Bloc Blinds managing director Cormac Diamond: “We will be launching a product which is controlled by Amazon Echo later this year.”

Voice-operated window blinds that incorporate security sensors and cameras. This may sound slightly far-fetched but is soon to be a reality thanks to (...)

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