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Google’s  head of commerce partnerships  said that while some banks might see Google as a possible rival, it is currently working with over 1,000 banking partners in 18 markets

Having recently unveiled a new unified payments service, which brings together Google Wallet and Android Pay, internet giant Google has said it is mor(...)

Jamie Woodhouse, Accenture: “One of the things we are seeing is that a lot of problems and opportunities in the market come back to data.”
Partners in innovation

Ireland is one of the best countries in the world to set up and scale a business in the exciting new area of fintech, the application of the latest co(...)

KBC  added nearly 17,000 new Irish customer accounts in the first three months. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

KBC Bank Ireland’s profits will be bolstered this year by the release of loan impairment charges of up to €160 million as the economy and property mar(...)

A decision to increase the threshold for contactless payments from €15 to €30  has led to wider adoption of payment terminals by retailers

Irish consumers have firmly embraced contactless payments with usage having almost trippled over the last year, according to Visa. The company said m(...)

Even as security authentication becomes more automated, it does not detract from our responsibilities to keep our passwords and codes   safe

The debate over how to balance the need for security in the fast-growing digital payments industry while keeping the end-user experience as seamless a(...)

More than two million contactless payments are being made every week and the number is growing. Photograph: Getty Images

It may seem hard to believe now but just two decades ago most Irish retailers didn’t accept debit cards: it was cash, cheque or credit card. You could(...)

Google may be first out of the gate with its Android Pay, but Apple and Samsung, with their respective products, can’t be far behind

Google has beaten Apple to the punch on mobile payments – in Ireland at least. The company’s Android Pay, a digital wallet that allows you to pay on y(...)