MONDAY - Channel 4, 8.00 pm - Fair Game - A shocking report into the regime that keeps gymnasts in a state of pre-pubescence by rigorous training and diet. Timely, given the fact that the European Championships took place last week.

Channel 4, 8.30 pm - The Greatest - Just in case you didn't get enough of George Best on the three hours 10 minute tribute to the footballer on BBC last night, here's another opportunity to view the soccer maestro's skills.

TUESDAY - Sky Sports, 10.15 pm - Golf - Europe's top players must be sick of the sight of The Oxfordshire, particularly after the conditions which sent average scores in the Benson and Hedges International soaring up to the 80s in yesterday's final round. However, it's back to the venue for the semi-finals and final of the European section of the £2.4 million Anderson Consulting Championship.

WEDNESDAY - Network Two, 7.15 pm and UTV 7.20 pm - Soccer: European Champions' League - Network Two's decision to commence screening of the eagerly-awaited Ajax-Juventus confrontation from Rome five minutes earlier than UTV is a clever ploy which should win them a few extra viewers.

FRIDAY - BBC 2, 2.15 pm - International Golf - Wentworth should prove a far happier hunting ground than The Oxfordshire as the European Tour moves onwards to the Volvo PGA Championship.