Other Voices


"Wayne McCullough deserves a return fight. There is no ducking or diving on it. He deserves a big return fight in Ireland. Put him in the King's Hall, the Point Depot or Croke Park and he'll sell the place out after that performance." - Brendan Ingle

"Wayne McCullough fought his heart out. I was proud he was Irish and I was proud I was Irish." - Brendan Ingle

"After three rounds Naz started hitting him with clean shots and he took some of the fight out of him." - Brendan Ingle

"He's been out of the ring since April, got quite thin, put quite a bit of weight on over the summer, and has had to work hard. He got in late, lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and, end of the day, he came out a winner." - Frank Warren

"Wayne deserves an opportunity to have Hamed fight him rather than run from him. We hope to get that in the first quarter of next year. Wayne McCullough did himself nothing but good tonight." - Mat Tinley