Main proposals


The NFL and NHL would begin in February and end not later that the first weekend in May, thus ensuring one, fixed season and minimising the potential for conflict with club and championship fixtures. The refined dates would enhance the league's commercial potential and allow players an "off-season".

That club fixtures should not suffer because of inter-county activity. A bye law has been adopted by central council and congress to prevent the continual postponement of club games to suit the county squad.

Rule 55 reads: A county bye-law shall not place a restriction on when club fixtures are played or govern postponement of fixtures as such matters constitute powers of the county committee.

Extra times will be played at all league games, including finals. Championship matches will also have extra time as far as the semi-finals of the senior All-Ireland and the final of the All-Ireland under-21 contest. However, the period would be reduced to two 10-minute halves.

The All-Ireland under-21 finals would be played in August/September, with provincial councils free to determine dates for the earlier rounds.

An All-Ireland quarter final stage would be implemented at minor level.

International Rules/Shinty would be run off in November to avoid implications for club fixtures and to allow more time for team preparation.