Mad Hatter's Box


Leinster captain and Lansdowne flanker Liam Toland is the latest to offer his most secret thoughts.

1. How much is a litre of milk? Listen I go to Tescos or Superquinn and load up my trolley with £140 worth of food, including five to 10 litres of milk so I haven't got a clue what a litre of milk costs. All I can tell you is that it is a tiny fraction of the total bill.

2. What's your favourite line from a movie? "If you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf***** in the room, accept no substitute other than the AK 47." Samuel L Jackson espouses the virtue of the assault rifle in the film Jackie Brown.

3. Rugby World Magazine or Loaded Men's Magazine? Neither actually, I prefer "Hello." This goes back to a boat trip with my girlfriend and her parents to Edinburgh. I was dispatched to buy the papers and Hello and when I came back I handed over the papers and started to read Hello. I don't think her father was too impressed.["]

4. Nickname? Tollie. (editor's note: too many low brow team-mates by the looks of things)

5. Book that you are reading at the moment? King of the World, Dave Remnick's biography of Muhammad Ali. "I saw Trevor Brennan reading it and assumed it had to be a good read. There is no greater showman and Ali was good too."

6. How would you improve rugby as a spectator sport? For Leinster's home game's, every time that Gary Halpin scores a try, have a French maid run out on the pitch and allow Halpin to chase her doing his Benny Hill impression.