Ford Mondeo’s hybrid evolution keeps pace with consumer demand

Go further: range and power underpin identity of the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Ford Mondeo

The arrival of the Mondeo HEV is the first step in a progressive electric vehicle (EV) development plan for Ford.

The Ford Mondeo has long been a favourite with Irish families and business people. Its combination of style, comfort and practicality have made it hugely popular over the years. Key to that success has been the ongoing evolution of the range, which has seen the car keep pace with consumer demand and taste.
The latest stage in that evolution is the arrival in Ireland of Ford’s first ever mainstream hybrid petrol-electric vehicle, the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV).
“As this is the first hybrid vehicle launched by Ford in Ireland, this is an important step for us,” says Ciarán McMahon, chairman and managing director of Ford Ireland. “With its legions of fans, Mondeo is a great model to offer with HEV capability. We are sure the Mondeo HEV will meet the needs of customers who are looking for a more environmentally-friendly car but who don’t want to compromise on space, driving range and comfort.”
The Mondeo Hybrid is the first hybrid electric vehicle ever manufactured by Ford in Europe. Available as a four-door, it will be assembled alongside the petrol and diesel-engine Mondeo at Ford’s state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, Spain. 
The Mondeo Hybrid adds a further dimension to the Mondeo portfolio for customers in Europe, following the success in the US of its sister vehicle, the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford is now the second largest producer of hybrid vehicles in the US.


Like the Fusion Hybrid, the Mondeo Hybrid uses the third-generation Ford petrol-electric hybrid system. This delivers the efficiency and refinement of an electric powertrain in many driving scenarios while maintaining the driving range and freedom offered by a traditional combustion engine.
“The arrival of the Mondeo HEV is the first step in a progressive electric vehicle (EV) development plan for Ford that will see 13 new full or partial EVs hit the streets of Europe and North America by 2020, including a hybrid version of the iconic Mustang that will deliver full V8 power,” McMahon adds.
Drivers will not be disappointed by the Mondeo’s on-road performance. The car is capable of driving at up to 135 km/h in electric mode, and the combination of a specially-developed 2.0-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine and electric drivetrain offers excellent fuel efficiency with a fuel consumption rate of just 4.2-L/100km. For comparison purposes, a 2.0-litre diesel 150PS Powershift automatic transmission would deliver a fuel consumption rate of 4.8-L/100km.
Drivers can also use Ford’s highly innovative Smartgauge interface to monitor, manage and reduce fuel and energy consumption. The interface includes a range of features including “Brake Coach” that encourages gradual braking to help return more energy to the battery.
The driver does not need to do anything differently. They start it the same way. They fuel it in the same way. They drive it the same way
“The Mondeo’s petrol-electric hybrid powertrain means the driver does not need to do anything differently than with a regular petrol or diesel vehicle. They start it the same way. They fuel it in the same way. They drive it the same way,” McMahon explains. “The only new thing they might want to learn is how to maximise their fuel economy by modifying their driving habits – and with Smartgauge we’ve given them the tools to do that.”
Overall, more than 95 per cent of the energy normally lost through braking can be recovered and stored in the battery via the electric drive.
The Mondeo Hybrid operates without engine accessory drives for significantly reduced drag on the engine. Specifically designed for electrified vehicle application, the air conditioning compressor draws energy directly from the high voltage battery pack, thereby allowing the engine to turn off more frequently to save fuel while enabling cabin cooling to continue operating. A new exhaust gas heat recovery system enables faster cabin warming.
The new Mondeo HEV is based on a four-door body style with a 2.0-litre 187PS automatic transmission petrol powertrain in either Titanium or Vignale series. 


The Titanium vehicle spec includes 16-inch alloys; SYNC 3 with eight-inch touchscreen; keyless start and entry; sports seats; rain sensing wipers; traffic sign recognition; ambient lighting; instrument cluster display; and parking sensors front and rear.
Along with all the Titanium features, the Vignale comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, metallic paint, rear view camera, and adaptive LED daytime running lights.
“Thanks in part to a significant VRT rebate, the Mondeo HEV will have a price of €32,120 for the Titanium model with a walk-up of €3,885 to the top of the range fully loaded Vignale model at €36,005,” McMahon concludes. 
“This all makes for a very competitive and attractive package with the proven safety and the great driving dynamics of the much-loved Ford Mondeo.”

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