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Use less powder, prep your skin and other tips from beauty experts

Make-up artists share some advice on keeping skin and appearance fresh and healthy


No matter the age, a fresh, youthful look is always the goal with make-up. Photograph: iStock


Prep your skin for make-up

Lisa Redmond is a make-up artist represented by EF Creative Studios (efcreativestudios.com). Her best tip for maintaining your fresh, youthful look with make-up is to prep the skin. “Good hydration is a must, as dehydrated skin can age you. Start with a serum, my recommendation is Pestle & Mortar Serum it contains hyaluronic acid which smooth fines lines and plumps out the skin.”

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Use lightweight formulas

Ailbhe Lynch is an award-winning Irish make-up artist. She works on models of all ages and is an expert at finding the best ways to look good. She says to opt for hydrating and lightweight foundation formulas. “For all-over radiant glow, apply an illuminator before foundation,” says Ailbhe. “Avoid anything too heavy or powdery but don’t be afraid to use a little powder. Using a translucent, light-diffusing powder in the right areas can create a soft focus and blurring effect.”

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, €42 from charlottetilbury.com

A good cut works wonders

Roisin Malone is a hairstylist who has worked on TV shows such as Vikings, and she knows how to make the best of any hair type. She says: “Hair condition – it may start to thin as we get older – that will determine the best length. We want the hair to look healthy, so a good cut is essential and sometimes taking off a few inches can also knock off a few years. As the hair length can be dragging on the face. Keep the hair in tip-top condition using correct products to give it life and make sure it’s super shiny,” she adds.

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Prioritise your oral health

Dr Vanessa Creaven is one half of the sister-run oral health and teeth whitening company Spotlight. She knows the importance of a great smile in looking your best. “I would always recommend attending your hygienist every six months to have your teeth cleaned and polished. Having your teeth either professionally whitened or using a product like Spotlight Whitening will help massively to naturally lift the stains that can build up over time and brighten the overall hue of the teeth.”

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Know what to avoid

Expert hairstylist Joe Hayes from Toni & Guy, Clarendon St in Dublin, says he would always opt for cleverly placed highlights to lift someone’s overall appearance, but says that knowing what to avoid is key.

“Avoid solid, dark colour to look as fresh as possible. I’d suggest keeping some warmth in the colour as it will warm up your skin tone. Avoid anything that looks too ‘set’ shape-wise. Hair that can move easily and freely will always look fresh and young.

“I’d also avoid a style that is too slicked back or short. These can be quite exposing,” he adds.

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Awaken your eyes

Bonnie Ryan is one of Ireland’s brightest make-up talents. She says that no matter the age, a fresh, youthful look is always the goal with make-up.

“Brightening under eyes and in the corner of your eye will give you that youthful look, and I advise you use your powder sparingly as not to gather and highlight any unwanted lines. As we age our lips become thinner, so slightly over lining (you don’t have to go crazy) just a small bit can give a plumped up effect. On my more mature clients , the minute I add a few individual lashes the eye instantly looks more awake. I also use a cream eyeliner in the waterline to make the eyes look more awake and to combat any redness in the eye.”

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Remember your lighting

Celebrity make-up artist Christine Lucignano agrees that skin prep is key, and a good face mask can make the world of difference. But she says the key to light, fresh and youthful make-up is having good lighting. If you can, do your make-up in natural light, but if not, a light-up mirror could be your new best friend.

“Keep in mind the lighting you are prepping your make-up in. Poor lighting could greatly effect the structure of your features. Doing make-up in dim light could result in a very heavy make-up application,” says Christine.

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Less is always more

We’re told this repeatedly, but the “less is more” rule is key when it comes to looking like you, only better. Make-up artist Lisa Redmond reiterates this. “Make-up is there to be enjoyed and really they are no hard and fast rules, however, when it comes to concealer – particularly for under eyes – it’s best to use the less is more method. Choose a light-textured formula like Clarins Instant Concealer and only apply it where you can see dark areas. This is the best way to open up your eyes and keep you looking fresh-faced and well-rested,” she says.

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