Una Mullally: Why is Dublin being starved of outdoor dining spaces?

Multiple ideal areas are bereft of life as the city council does nothing to help

A quiet street in  Temple Bar. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A quiet street in Temple Bar. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The Dublin hospitality lockdown will be a brutal one for businesses, and there’s only so many times politicians can pontificate about resilience before that rhetoric starts sounding very thin. The city has been floundering since the pandemic began, and we have to face up to the fact that the people who run the capital, mind-bogglingly, missed the summer. 

Multiple outdoor spaces perfect for outdoor dining, for example, were left empty. The city could have been transformed had spaces such as Smithfield’s public cobblestoned square, one of the most underutilised spaces in the city, been used for outdoor dining.

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