Oliver Callan: Society as it really is on the Late Late Toy Show

The public sector, left wing, emigrants, farmers and elite all play their parts

"It's a Mardi Gras of mind-bending stupidity. It's perfect." Ryan Tubridy talks about the theme of this year's Late Late Toy Show and playing host.

The Late Late Toy Show is a microcosm of Irish life told through the eyes of a man-child high on a buzzy cocktail of Fanta and Centrum. Ryan Tubridy trips and skids about like a newborn giraffe in a bright jumper, reminiscing to children as though a Werther’s Original advert stumbled into Snapchat land.

Like every Irish leader, he presides over a world where few of his promises of high-tech wonderment materialise. Nothing works and so is tossed aside, with everything blamed on unspecified “technicalities”. No one is fired. If anyone complains, the human Sodastream creates a diversion by forcing kids to sing songs from 1950s movies not even their parents recall.

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