Why do we need directly elected mayors?


Sir, – Mark Tiernan has raised a very important point (Letters, May 16th). Has no one understood what happened with the Brexit vote in the UK, when voters were asked a question without any information?

Having asked politicians calling to my door to explain the need for directly elected mayors I am no way the wiser and get the impression that they see it as another opportunity on the gravy train.

I would suggest that not only the mayor and chief executive roles be explained but also what would be the role of local councillors in this reorganisation?

Over the last few years councillors have had their role very much diminished: water, bins, local housing, planning all seem to have been hived off to others .

Do we really need another highly paid person probably from a political background rather than a business background put into the mix? As usual, it’s a case of “sure we can work it out later”. – Yours, etc,


Castletroy, Limerick.