White-water rafting plan for the capital


Sir, – At the risk of going against the flow, the development of the white-water rafting at George’s Dock should be welcomed (Olivia Kelly, Home News, December 2nd). As is par for the course in Ireland there are far too many nay-sayers of the “It’ll never work” or the “Waste of money” brigade gaining airtime or column inches on this.

I am not a canoeist nor do I have any plans to become one soon, however I do not begrudge the spending of public funds on a derelict dock being redeveloped in an imaginative way that will breathe life into what is an exceedingly dull part of the city.

For once can we not say to hell with the begrudgers? – Yours, etc,


Drogheda, Co Meath.

Sir, – While Dublin City Council’s willingness to bow to the will of the city’s exceptionally-powerful white-water rafting lobby is to be expected, might I suggest they modify their plans?

Near the site of the eagerly-anticipated facility at George’s Dock is the Markievicz Centre on Townsend Street, home to the city centre’s only municipal swimming pool.

This centre is likely to be demolished due to MetroLink construction, undoubtedly with the promise a new municipal pool will be built in the future.

Why not start planning a new municipal pool at George’s Dock? It would fulfil a need in the city centre, providing a valuable asset to the area that could be used by locals as opposed to thrillseekers or for team-building events. – Yours, etc,


Ashbourne, Co Meath.

Sir, – Further to Noel Costello’s amusing reference to Cliff Taylor’s use of the WTF abbreviation in relation to the white-water rafting plan for Dublin (Letters, December 10th), the following comes to mind.

This ridiculous plan is a perfect example of When Thinking Fades and our elected officials think they have Wonga To Fritter. My verdict: Watch This Fail. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

Sir, – Here are some more questions Dublin city councillors might have asked about that €23 million white-water rafting course for Dublin.

Will there be parking for e-scooters? Will there be a place to hang coats for the homeless? And, why can’t those tech workers use the Markievicz Pool for their team-building events instead?

WTF (Cliff Taylor, Opinion, December 7th)? Where’s The Fairness? – Yours, etc,


Florence, Italy.

Sir, – Dublin City Council has a large empty space in the docklands. It should be utilised to build a new BusÁras (with multiple levels). – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.

Sir, – Dear Children, I know we promised to extend the house so that you wouldn’t have to live in the shed any more but we have decided to build a swimming pool for you instead. As members of the family you will only have to pay a small fee to use it. Your loving father and mother. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.

Sir, – I have read some of your contributors’ articles regarding Dublin City Council’s proposed white-water rafting centre. I have also read articles about the “compo” culture in this country.

On your Letters page (December 7th) there are letters on both subjects. Surely I can’t be the only person who sees the irony? There must be legal eagles all over the country licking their lips at the opportunities ahead. – Yours, etc,



Co Meath.

Sir, – Dublin City Council is cutting down precious trees, allegedly, to reduce their exposure to insurance claims from the public, while every day Irish businesses engaged in far less “risky” activities than white-water rafting are being forced to close by prohibitive insurance costs.

Can we please know how much has been budgeted for public liability at the centre proposed for George’s Dock and if this actually reflects industry guidelines, or is there yet another “unforeseen” surprise waiting down the tracks? – Is mise,



Co Wicklow.