What’s not to like about a Twitter ‘dislike’ option?


Sir, – Currently Twitter only provides a “retweet” or a “like” reaction – both of which subliminally indicate endorsement. If Twitter were to include a “dislike” button – an upside-down heart – then every tweet would become an instant polling booth. At a glance viewers (and the tweeter) could see the distribution of likes and dislikes for the opinion being expressed. An ambivalence button (“don’t care”) could also be included. Perhaps a sideways heart?

By allowing this polarity of reaction on Twitter, President Trump’s need for attention on the platform would still be well served. He might even take note when there were more dislikes than likes for something he had tweeted. It would also be good for Twitter – more engagement leading to more advertising. A win-win situation? – Yours, etc,


Dún Laoghaire,

Co Dublin.