Sir, - Thank you for printing "The case of the vanishing airport buggy" in today's paper (January 4th). One up for Maeve Binchy!

My husband and I left Engelborg on December 20th through to Luzern and the plane to Klotur. At every station, or each platform, stood rows of trolleys. At the airport, we used the trolleys that lock on to the escalator - so no unpacking, two overnight bags, one camcorder, one computer and heavy winter coats We are both well over 70! Changing in Schiphol (Amsterdam) there were all the trolleys you once could use for Concorde. On to little Norwich Airport, and trolleys to hand.

Coming home via Stanstead, we found trolleys at the bus stop. We boarded Ryanair and arrived at Dublin, and logged all our things from the plane looking in vain for a trolley, and kept looking for that buggy we rode on each of our seven trips in and out of Dublin last year. Not a sign of either; we panted onto the moving walkway and hung on, causing a blockade as everyone else walked along it.

Finally, down to the baggage claim belts! All Ryanair, No. 1. We waited and waited and found our three cases merrily going around and round at Belt 3. The last straw was the trolley we finally found because nobody else would use it, with a very damaged wheel.

Dublin Airport has some very good points, but it needs that buggy for the less spry, and how it needs rows of trolleys wherever people are going to or coming from in that sprawling building. - Yours, etc.,

The Coppins,


Dublin 18.