We need clarity on pension age


Sir, – I wish to draw the attention of your readers to the uncertainty that still exist is terms of the proposed increase of the pension age to 67 from January 2021.

From queries I have made, my understanding is that unless the necessary legislation is passed, the State pension age is still scheduled to increase to 67 from January 2021.

The recent proposed programme for government states that this change is to be postponed and a commission will be formed to examine the State pension age and other pension issues.

This is very unclear and, to be honest, upsetting for anyone like myself who will be 66 in 2021. I would like to have the choice to make plans for retirement, particularly after the last number of months of this pandemic.

I would ask all your readers who are faced with this uncertain future to write to their TDs to ask for clarity on this issue.

Surely people like myself in their sixties have been through enough stress with this pandemic not to have the added uncertainty of wondering if they can retire or not next year or go on working indefinitely. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.