Funeral of Bobby Storey


Sir, – Despite recent success in garnering its widest spectrum of support ever, Sinn Féin remains tethered, despite the continuous denials of its high-profile figures, to the past.

The Bobby Storey funeral afforded the organisation a unique opportunity to show transformational leadership and to further reach beyond its core support.

A simple statement on social media that in solidarity with those who lost loved ones to Covid-19, and to respect and give good example with regard to social distancing, the leadership of Sinn Féin would be represented only by Gerry Adams, or whoever, would have sufficed.

Showing little immunity from a contrarian past, on the edge of the “marching season”, this time it shoots itself in the foot. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Leading members of Sinn Féin’s high command were prominent at the funeral of former IRA member Bobby Storey in Belfast, where social distancing rules were flagrantly disregarded.

Someone should tell them that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, you know. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 16.

Sir, – If Mary Lou McDonald were taoiseach, would she have attended Bobby Storey’s funeral? – Yours, etc,