‘Vulture fund’ scavenger hunt


Sir, – After reading your ambiguously titled article “Vulture funds engage better with borrowers in arrears than banks” (November 13th), I was moved to search your archives for usages of “vulture”. The 848 duly reported start with “central bank” (92 hits), and continue via such luminaries as Goldman Sachs (33) and Cerberus (25) all the way down to Deutsche Bank (7). Nowhere on the list does our old friend Aegypius Monachus feature. I’m all for populist and pejorative name-calling but when did a bit of old-fashioned “buy low, sell high” become a crime worthy of a perpetually rehashed tabloid moniker? As Keats might have said to Chapman: we’ve had enough of this carrion. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6.