Brexit and its supporters


Sir, – Fintan O’Toole comments on the sheer ignorance of the Brexiteers, on top of the mendacity underlying the Brexit campaign, but I suggest he draws the wrong conclusion (“Historians will not believe sheer ignorance of Brexit supporters”, Opinion & Analysis, November 13th).

Like it or not, a valid political and ideological argument can be made for the UK leaving the EU, whatever the economic and social consequences.

In order to win the argument, Brexiteer leaders feel it necessary to emphasise the former and downplay the latter.

They are not ignorant, rather they are all too aware of the ideological prize, have significant backers and resources, and are willing to sacrifice the economic and social wellbeing of their country.

Nor are their followers ignorant. Indeed they now choose to ignore the emerging realities and employ cognitive dissonance in much the same way as smokers justify their habit by referencing their contribution to the taxman.

Just as saying something stupid does not make one a stupid person, professing ignorance of certain facts or denial of same does not make ignorant people.

Rather Brexiteers are wilfully selecting and utilising words and soundbites to serve their particular ends, be it the return of sovereignty, a little Englander xenophobia, the pursuit of power, etc.

Comments so far on the breaking news about the draft deal surely support this conclusion. – Yours, etc,



Co Down.

Sir, – At last a deal that matches the result of the vote. The UK will be 52 per cent out of the EU and 48 per cent in. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.