Vatican does away with pontifical secrecy


Sir, – So Pope Francis has done away with “pontifical secrecy” for sex abuse investigations, which now means no files in the Vatican on accused priests can be stored, kept secret, away from solicitors, the law and justice (, December 17th). It is a step in the right direction.

However this does not, and will not, heal the wounds of thousands of victims of clergy sexual abuse who were made suffer hideously under “pontifical secrecy”. They knew that the Vatican supported, hid, and protected their abusers for decades. They could not bring their abusers to justice because the popes did not want that justice. They knew in the Vatican eyes they were but crumbs, hardly worth it.

Decades of pain and suffering will not be assuaged by this ceasing of “pontifical secrecy”, and that is reality. The Vatican further abused victims. Can that be “forgiven”? – Yours, etc,


Greystones, Co Wicklow.