Unseasonable weather?


A chara, – The solution to Donald Clarke’s hot weather wardrobe woes (“Hot under the collar”, Opinion & Analysis, July 20th) might be a man bag for his listed stuff, and a “mcarf” (male scarf) for his “big red Armagh head”. – Is mise,


An Spidéal,

Co na Gaillimhe.

Sir, – Your editorial of July 20th described Ken Ring as a “weather expert”.

Mr Ring’s predictions have been wrong in the past but anyone who predicts a hot July will get it right sometime.

If weather can be predicted using “moon and tidal activity” then accurate predictions could be made for summer 2113.

I have an old watch in my drawer which is right twice a day. – Yours, etc,



Tulla, Co Clare.

Sir, – I can see Clerys now the rain has gone. – Yours, etc,


Beacon Hill,

Dalkey, Co Dublin.

Sir, – The Leap Card is wonderful and the choice of the frog logo is inspired. Those of us who use Dublin Bus are familiar with the lakeland that occupies the space between pavement and bus lanes in wet weather. One must be frog-like or – as the Leap Card says – hop, skip, jump — to negotiate this wetland while walking to and from bus stops.

A new clause should be added to roadworks contracts to the effect that, before signing off on a job, the contractor, the site engineer and the council roads engineer must walk the entire length of newly surfaced roads on a wet day and in their best frocks. Then maybe, at some future time, the rest of us will not need to be amphibious to move along a Dublin pavement after a shower or two of rain. – Yours, etc,


Rock Road,

Booterstown, Co Dublin.