Trump’s impeachment acquittal


Sir, – This week has to go down as one of the most depressing in the ongoing car crash of the Trump presidency. The spineless capitulation of the Senate Republicans in the impeachment trial was followed by a State of the Union address which was riddled with inconsistencies and blatant lies.

He then reached a new nadir with a rambling and vitriolic diatribe as his response to the conclusion of the impeachment trial.

His presidency has, despite his deluded claims to the contrary, seriously damaged the social fabric of the United States, leaving it a divided and damaged society.

He has managed to alienate most traditional US allies and through his behaviour emboldened a cohort of equally unsavoury leaders around the world.

In a time when the globe needs unity in the face of the climate and ecological crisis, he has given legitimacy to these climate deniers and set the world back years in the fight to stabilise the global climate.

Here’s hoping the nightmare will end in November and the US can return to being a contributor to progress instead of a catalyst to disaster. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – Senator Mitt Romney of Utah will be remembered for his decision to vote for the impeachment of Mr Trump for “corrupting an election to keep oneself in office”.

It is refreshing to see such commitment to honesty and integrity and particularly in the light of the fact that the focus of every nation on earth was on this drama playing out in the US Senate.

Mr Romney is a beacon of decency, honesty and integrity and surely must be a shining example for any aspiring politician.– Yours, etc,



Co Laois.