Triggering the Brexit mechanism

Sir, – In the course of his article "A shared-space solution to Ireland's Brexit problem" (Opinion & Analysis), Prof Philip Pettit refers to Britain as "the mainland" on no less than eight occasions.

Surely the learned professor should be aware that the use of such terminology, in reference to the islands of Ireland and Britain, is not only inaccurate but is offensive to the vast majority of Irish people. Britain is not Ireland’s mainland. – Yours, etc,


Milltown, Dublin 6.

Sir, – Is the prime minister of the UK, who wants out of the EU because of a referendum result, not a bit inconsistent when complaining about “not pulling together” when the first minister of Scotland wants a similar referendum? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.

Sir, – In these days of isolationism and chaos among nations, the stability and co-operation of the European Union are needed more than ever. Brexit is a tragedy for all Europeans and a real threat to the integrity of the European Union. It is customary to mark tragic events with by flying flags at half-mast, and I would think it fitting that as Theresa May begins the Article 50 procedures, all EU flags should be flown at half-mast today. – Yours, etc,


City Hall,

Dublin 2.