Time to renew our attitude to nature


A chara, – On Tuesday, it was announced in Ireland that mass gatherings of people are banned until at least September 1st. With this announcement, the Body & Soul festival on the summer solstice has officially been cancelled. For over a decade, the team and I have poured our hearts and souls into the fields of Ballinlough, Co Roscommon, creating a wonderland of music, art and wellbeing to celebrate an emblematic point on the Celtic calendar. But we must bow with grace to greater forces.

I cannot help but take solace in the knowledge that this year, the land and the many creatures who live there will have the month of June to themselves. I can picture the estate in my mind’s eye now. I can see hares racing across our would-be campsites, the trees lush with spring buds, the woodlands alive with birdsong. This gives me great peace.

Over the past 40 years, our connection with nature has been severed, with disastrous effect. Systemic change is needed. We are the system. We can do this, together. – Is mise,


Dublin 3.