Time for a bedroom tax?


Sir, – As the property crisis continues, I increasingly wonder about the introduction of a “bedroom tax” to Ireland. In the UK, where the bedroom tax has been in force since 2012, under-occupancy of a property in social housing has to be paid for. I propose a similar system is introduced in Ireland but also extended to the private sector. While some might argue we already have the property tax, this is related to the value of the house, whereas the bedroom tax is related to the use of the house. The aim of the tax would be to encourage single people to live in one-bedroom units, couples to live in two-bedroom units, and families with children living at home with them to live in three- or four-bedroom units, as appropriate. Developers would build where the demand is, and with this added incentive, people might be more inclined to seek accommodation appropriate to their family size and needs. – Yours, etc,



Bray, Co Wicklow.