The price of public transport

Sir, – How can our politicians stand back and watch the hounding of public transport workers for what is a pittance (€7 million per annum) when compared with the pensions bill for former politicians (€16.4 million per annum)? To reduce public transport services for such piddling amounts is nothing more than a cowardly attack on those who rely on public transport. – Yours, etc,


New Ross,

Co Wexford.


Sir, – Your headline “Ministers of State set to resist rail cuts” (January 20th) resonates in many local communities that are at risk of losing their service. The train from Dublin to Rosslare is at risk due to a lack of passenger numbers. In particular the train times are not attractive as they are not synchronised with the Rosslare ferry times. The trains are full of commuters from Dublin to Arklow and Gorey but almost empty from Gorey southwards.

No sensible person could recommend continuing a schedule of empty trains.

I suggest a trial period of two years for these trains during which the train operators would attempt to make train travel as attractive as possible, with realistic schedules, reasonably priced refreshments, clean toilets, reliable wifi and reliable departures and arrivals. Travellers in turn would become “train aware” and use the trains as much as possible.

At the end of this two-year trial period, if the train services are still underutilised, then they deserve to be closed. – Yours, etc,


Crossabeg, Co Wexford.