The future of left-wing politics


Madam, - Eoin Dillon (June 11th) concludes that the Labour Party "represents the biggest single block to progressive politics in Ireland".

On the contrary, in a political system segregated according to historical positions taken during a Civil War, instead of ideological positions on the political spectrum, Labour represents the hope of a progressive political system in which political choices are reasoned rather than inherited.

Political theory in Ireland is merely academic. It can be discussed by reference to other countries but never applied here. Are the basic theories of the liberal democracy really beyond us as a people?

The way we vote should be an expression of our view of politics, not of our view of history. We should take a step back and evaluate our own political convictions, rather than those of our ancestors.

Perhaps some of us would share the experience of Bertie Ahern and suddenly discover we are socialists. - Yours, etc,

DARRAGH McDONAGH, Moyveela West, Oranmore, Co Galway.