‘State pension cuts and 36,000 people’


Sir, – Whatever else one might think of Regina Doherty’s stout defence of the changes to the State pension that have left many, including the most vulnerable, significantly worse-off (“Regina Doherty defends State pension cuts for 36,000 people”, October 19th), at least it must be acknowledged that Fine Gael does not hide behind the bushes when it comes to displaying its total indifference to inequality and unfairness – for some. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – Fine Gael is defending the non-payment of a full contributory pension to those who haven’t averaged enough PRSI payments (in many cases because they looked after children at home, which under the Constitution is recognised as doing a service to the State) on the grounds that it would cost too much to implement.

Perhaps if Fine Gael hadn’t reduced tax income by giving tax relief on capital gains tax, on bank profits and on some rental income or on corporation tax, there might be enough money in the pot to look after the ordinary people who are being impoverished by Fine Gael’s stance.

But then it’s easier to screw little people than vulture funds and big corporations. – Yours, etc.



Co Carlow.

Sir, – Regarding women and pensions, have all the women in the Dáil, some of whom got there by promising to promote women’s issues, particularly tackling inequality, forgotten how they got there? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.

Sir, – “The fairest pension scheme ever”, according to Regina Doherty, yet women suffer significantly more than men.

Are there difficulties with respect to literacy or numeracy or is the Government’s problem the lack of a moral compass? – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.